The Curious Case of Tom Mallard

Field Notes - 28 May 2015

Author - 37X B34

The team gained access to the Mallard house through the expert use of a tactical ladder. After disarming the security system, the team sought out the source of the day-to-day noises being picked up by the Estate bug. They quickly tracked it down: A simple tablet duct-taped to the bug. Mallard, it seemed, had been known about the Estate surveillance for some time.

In the basement, the team encountered a mummy-like creature and quickly dispatched it. They quickly picked up on the fact that a false wall had been put up in the basement. Very quickly, in fact. Clearly that wall wasn’t fooling anyone.

A quick inspection of the wall revealed a large, iron door. What secrets lie on the other side?


murray876 murray876

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